No they weren't kidding when ...

they said start studying 6 months ahead of time. I started 2 months ahead of time and I am literally spending more than 8hours a day on this stuff -_- It is hard to retain details when you go over material so fast. btw … WHO actually read the CFAI books? I read all the damn books but I am mainly relying on my Stalla books and questions now.

I’m the guy who read CFAI books :slight_smile: Milos

Stalla here!

I used the CFAI when I took LI, I made the same mistake of only giving myself two months. Just be sure you keep this experience in mind if you pass and study that much longer and with that much more intensity when you begin prepping for LII.

Schweser here !! I am very happy with decision

Cant afford the luxury of 8 hrs per day study time ~ I went with Schweser. Also, felt the CFAI books were sometimes too basic for someone working in the field.

I read both CFAI books and Schweser for December 08