No time for Mock - Sample test will do?

I have no time take the mock exams…I am yet to take sample test…How diff are these in terms of difficulty level, similarities? Just trying to gauge if I can go to sleep now (11.40pm thursday night), and take just the sample test from CFA website tom. Originally I was planning on taking the Sample tonite and one mock tom… Pls help advice…I am soo drowned in sleep and ignorance, now

extra hour. take the mock

then a sample or mock won’t help. relax and look at equations, and read ethics tomorrow.

Sample 1 is pretty easy, sample 2 is REALLY hard, Sample 3 is in the middle. I only took mock 2 and I scored better on it than all the samples.

Bear in mind the samples are only 30 questions so you won’t get tested on all topics. If you take all 3 samples you’ll most likely get at least one vignette on each topic, but not if you take only one…

Definitely take the mock. Maybe the mock and the free sample.

Just did Mock 1 got 82%…will do Mock 2 tommorow AM and then relax Mock has calmed my nerves as it was much easier than Schewser