Nobody has the links now. RIGHT?

All you can see now is… "Profile Update Personal Profile Update Professional Profile Update Work Experience Update Education Customer Service Browse FAQs Submit a Service Request Check Status of a Service Request " Right?? (This is Sunday, Aug 17, 5:48PM ET)

Yes. The brainiacs finally figured it out.

BB you may have done a disservice to future generations by writing to them. this was a sure fire way to find results ahead of schedule.

I think they realized now or will realize the glitch tomorrow and everybody will have no links at all. This confirms that there is/was a signal that we were not supposed to see.


Seeing as I’m probably going to be one of those future generations, I couldn’t be happier about it, if that is the case. Biggest mistake I made this summer was coming on here this morning, after I knew about what was going on with the Level 2 stuff yesterday. I was still totally relaxed before that. Now I’m in a pissy mood and will continue to be for the next couple days. Then, assuming I did fail, I’ll be pissy for a few more days once it is confirmed. It will just minimize the original shock. Organizations that preach professionalism and fail to follow it p!ss me off to no end. As a full member who’s paid his dues, I feel I have a right to lay it to them when they deserve it (that’s not directed at you needhelp). First thing I will do tomorrow is go and grab our web developer and explain this situation and find out for sure if my belief is correct that they have handled this brutally. If my belief is wrong, then I have some crow to eat.