Non Finance Background _Gearing up for L1 Jun 08 Exam

Hi guys, I wanted to put a question out there for ya’ll. I have a background in Economics from a reputable school, and I learn fairly quickly. I already started studying off the Scheweser study guide and will receive the LOS stuff in about a week. I know this definitely a loaded question, but do you think it could be done or am I being a little too ambitious?

If you’ve got the time, you could be okay. Although 250hrs minimum between now and the test could be rough. Minimum two, solid, concentrated hours each day. Not sure how familiar you are with financial analysis. I’m in banking, started studying in November, and still feel nervous about my progress (just about done with FSA). I can only imagine how daunting FSA would have been without it being my day job. At any rate, best of luck!

Hi MCF, Thanks for the feedback. You are right, I am (will be) at a disadvantage. I work full-time as a risk analyst, so I am not exposed to this stuff on a daily basis, but I am willing to put in the time. According to my calc there are a 123 days left and the 2-hour average would bring me right under the 250 hour minimum. I plan to devote my weekends to this stuff as much as possible, so I can see it happening, just going to be taxing! I haven’t really gone over the LOS stuff yet but what areas are you focusing on?

CFA says 250 hrs, but a lot of people on these boards are saying they put in a lot more hours then that. I think i’ve seen numbers around 350 for people that Pass Level 1. But then again i think i saw somewhere people passing with only 1 month of studying. Can’t even imagine doing that. I think you should focus on FSA and Ethics, those 2 are the most heavily tested. Econ is the least tested for the material to learn, and since you majored in it, it shouldnt be that bad. But make sure to learn everything else too :P. Good Luck!! if you’re willing to work hard at it, and study efficiently you can do it! June is a long ways away. Just budget for more time, so you learn it earlier then too late!

December exam was focused as follows. 28% Financial Statement Analysis 15% Ethics 12% Quant 10% Econ 10% Equity Analysis 10% Fixed Income Analysis 5% Alternative Assets 5% Derivatives 5% Portfolio Management Obviously, live with Book 3 for a while: FSA!

hi guys, thanks for th feedback! I will definitely work with FSA stuff…does anyone reside in the NYC area?