Non US residents...did you ever need to attest or get equivalence of CFA Charter?

I am applying for immigration to Canada. Obviously they ask for education equivalence of Canada. On their website it is mentioned that we need to submit transcripts etc. That applies for university degrees but nothing is mentioned about something like a CPA or a CFA. Just wondering how do I treat that? It will be quite a plus on my application thus no chance I want to exclude CFA from my application.

You sure picked a dull country to go to

you sure picked a country that’s filled with CFA’s to go to. I hear toronto has a ridiculous concentration of them

Welcome to Backoffice Paradise. Hope you’re ready to work for 45k a year.

I have no intention to live in Canada for a long period of time. I am in the Middle East and due to increasing political instabilty in the region, I just want to have a back up plan to move to. Canada is offering a faster immigration service right now. My husband has his Bachelor’s degree from Uni of Toronto as well as a year work experience. Thus, he has better chance of getting an invitation to apply for permanent residence to Canada rather than other countries. If USA has any better immigration process let me know.

I still need my question answered. How is a CFA charter treated in education assessment?

US immigration probably has no idea what the CFA charter is.