Normality Test and Jarque-Bera Test (CFAI Item set "Yang")

Maybe someone got the same problem out there.

Solved the CFAI Quantitative Methods item set named “Yang”

In Exihibit 2 its showed the p-values of the test of normality for 4 independent variables (0.90+ all of them), it does not specify if it is a JarqueBera test for normality (which is the only one I know btw). So, well, I assumed it was a JB test. Got the question 4 wrong due that it was not a JB test.

JB test Ho says that the distribution is normal and Ha the opposite. So, a high p-value would indicate the failure to reject the Ho and hence consider that variable normally distributed. This means that the supposed “test of normality” in this item set was totally different than JB. Anyone knows what is it? Maybe an error in this set and deserves to report.

Anyone knows how to report this kind of “issues”?

Appreciate it.

I have never heard of a JB test. Ignorance is bliss.

JB test is not that famous neither, in books it is mentioned, but not thoroughly described. Indeed it is a simple test, but the formula is not, it is based in curtosis and skewness spread or distance from a benchmark (the normal distribution).