North of Boston Level 2 - 2009

Any Level 2 - 2009 takers from North of Boston near Nashua?

Hi, I work north of Nashua - in Merrimack. Let’s keep in touch!

Sure. Here is my e-mail address:

CandyDate: I’m south of the city, but get there pretty regularly. Curious - are you at Fidelity?

Yes, i am.

CandyDate, Are you planning to take any review classes (Stalla or Schweser)?

I am debating between Schweser Windsor Review Class and John Harris Financial Accounting Workshop. I will not drive to Boston for Weekly classes. What about you?

Took Stalla for Level 1 and registered for Level II also.

level 2 first timer june 09. near boston, not in city per se, but will likely be moving to backbay or cambridge inside next couple of weeks down for any groups, etc. thanks. Is anyone part of the Boston CFA Society?

Candy: Both are worth the money. If you’re o.k. in FSA, (and the money’s not an issue) definitely do the Windsor. Harris does the FSA part of Windsor, btw. He’s easily one of the two or three best instructors I’ve ever seen.