Northern Trust Interview

I have an interview at Northern Trust for an Investment Associate position in their institutional accounts department. Does anyone know what to expect for the NT interview? Any specific questions to prepare for? Thanks.

why do you want to do back office, I 'd imagine they’d ask you…

Where are you based? I interviewed at Canary Wharf for a grad position and they were very relaxed and informal at first stage. If you get through to upper management its a little more intense. FYI, I got tested on equations and valuation models during the interview.

Soapbox, it’s in the southwest with upper management. What types of equations? Just standard stuff from the CFA material?

Cleo, it’s not an operations position.

Ignore her - some people can be quite unhelpful.

I got grilled on general CFA related stuff - it was for a fixed income position so focused on that. I would say be prepared for all the usual stuff, who are we, what do we do, why are we the best at what we do, how will you help us do what we do!

When i was interviewing almost everyone asked about my views and what the biggest risk to the firm/industry may be in the future so good to be prepared for that in case it pops up! If they dont ask you it, be sure to ask them :wink:

All the best.

Thanks soapbox, this is really helpful.