my co-worker showed me his freshly delivered L3 2007 CFAI readings and I got all nostalgic for a split second which was immeadiately replaced by a thanks god I will never ever have to go through this again, never ever

Likewise…your post just gave me the pick-me-up to get me through what has been an otherwise horrible day…

I will not relax until I get the charter (or at least the signed letter from Jeff)…

good for you guys…I have 37 more months before my job req. fulfills…(damn the rule change in 2005)

on the charter topic…any sign of it???


oh well… I should really know better, after the days waiting for the results to come out… add a week to date notified by CFAI … as long as its here by Christmas… :stuck_out_tongue:

I explained SAMURAI and all the other laundry lists today… glad its over and I dont find the wait too hard