Not able to recollect concepts

Here is my problem I read all the CFA volumes twice , but not able to recollect stuff while taking tests. I guess this is due to lack of practice . I put up more hours for L2 than I did for L1 Any advice …

I am in a similar situation. I would say do the 3 samples and the 2 mocks and just do CFAI end of chapter exams for the ones where you scored low. Leave Thu/Fri to relax and just brush up overall reading. Good luck!

read cfa volumes twice? how is that possible.

Since I dont have a background in finance ( finance related job ) , I started early and revised during last one month. I read a lot and practiced little . Did not take notes while reading.(major mistakes while preparing) Thanks SSS for your advice. I started doing tests last week and am seeing improved performance test-by-test . Just want to see a score of 80% before 5’th.

Just keep doing practice exams and reviewing the LOS’s for the ones you got wrong AND the ones you got right. It’ll click the more questions you do