NOT in the LOS?

sort of like “powered by Intel” anyway, there’s a ton of meaty stuff in the EOC questions that isn’t in the LOS… last year for level 2, i barely paid LOS any attention (in fact, i ended up studying completely optional sections)… this year at level 3 i’m flipping to LOS constantly. i know I and others have asked about this before… but can we trust the LOS? and that of course assumes that we’ve read every single one closely to make sure the tricky subject isn’t buried somewhere in LOS. taxable GIPS is what’s got me panicked now. EOC question is brutal (of course i could read for 30-60 minutes, but like most of us, i don’t have the time/energy these days) thanks in advance!!

If it is not in the LOS, you are not responsible for those. However, on the actual exam, CFAI is known to throw in some curve ball sometime (which is incorporated when they set the MPS). The EOC question are brutal, however, they are designed to drill the concepts into your head, if you can handle those questions, a much easier version should be cake. Keep pushing it, 4 more weeks!!!