Not looking good

I’ll be honest … based upon my Schweser scores I feel I’m going to probably not pass this exam. I know I should be optimistic the day before the exam, but I don’t know how I can spin this any other way. I’m definitely going to study hard for these next few hours, but I don’t expect my knowledge level to drastically increase this afternoon/evening. Now back to the Q Bank and Book 6.

well, there’s always next year.

Don’t worry about the exam scores. Print out the questions and the answers. Go through them one by one and you will learn it. Do only the advanced questions. Take one step at a time but focus on ethics, FSA and Equities. I am not bothering with qbank, just the test management section. I’ve printed out 5 tests and their answers and am going through it. Good luck and just do your best. Expect to pass!

You know what? You can only try your best and chances are you’ll be in a great position next year if you don’t make it this time around (that’s what I’m telling myself)

Well, thanks to all who gave me encouragement that Friday before the exam (DoubleDip, you don’t know how encouraging your post was that afternoon). In the end, I did pass, scoring 70%+ on all sections except corporate finance, ethics, and FSA, where I scored 50-70%. I learned two things in this entire process. One, what you think is going to happen may not actually happen and two, simple test taking skills can seal the deal. Actually, I used only one test taking skill … I answered the questions in the areas which I knew I was going to ace first (for me this was economics then quantitative analysis).