Not reading the question

Is this just me or does anyone else:

  1. Often read the questions too quickly and read “most likely” instead of “least likely”

  2. After deciding the answer is B for example, quickly read through A and C to make sure they are definitely incorrect and then go and inadvertently circle C.

I’ve just lost 4 questions on a PM test doing this which is just asking to fail.

Raises his hand, me me …

That always gets me.

so often i missed the least likely/most likely crap. the other times i was staring at the box wondering there the heck if the rf rate… turned out the rate was in the reading… wasted so many minutes… or forget the tax rate

happens to me sometimes too, but on the actual test I pick up on these because if high anxiety levels and need to pick up every single details in the question, because rememeber more then 70% of the time they are trying to trick you so if it seems super easy…you’re probably wrong