Not sure if this Jeffrey Gundlach article has made the rounds yet.

Pot, Porno Revealed in TCW Spat With ex-CIO A spat between Trust Company of the West and its ousted investment boss Jeffrey Gundlach turned vile Thursday with a lawsuit that depicted Gundlach as a drug-using, sex-obsessed backstabber. Gundlach, fired as chief investment officer in December, kept a collection of “hardcore sexually explicit” pornography as well as marijuana and assorted drug paraphernalia in his office in Los Angeles-contraband discovered after his dismissal, according to the suit. As CIO, he also went about undermining TCW management, badmouthing them in private and in front of the company trading floor, the suit contended. He continued to disparage the asset manager after his dismissal, the suit said, noting Gundlach prior to his termination had become “erratic” in his behavior. At the crux of the suit is DoubleLine Capital, a hedge fund firm Gundlach launched right after his firing with staff poached from TCW. The suit called his fund launch “seemingly miraculous,” considering he went into business in the immediate aftermath of his dismissal. In fact, Gundlach, the suit said, had been developing his fund while working at TCW, stealing proprietary client and investment information in what amounted to a companywide conspiracy led by Gundlach. “The truth is much shabbier,” the suit said in regard to DoubleLine. TCW fired Gundlach after its acquisition of Metropolitan West Asset Management, replacing him with David Lippman, chief executive officer of MWAM. Gundlach, 50, had joined TCW in 2005, and specialized in fixed income. As CIO, Gundlach oversaw half of the $100 billion TCW had under management. A statement from DoubleLine called the suit without merit, painting it as a “blatant” sabotaging underscored with an “irrelevant gutter tactic” against Gundlach. A message left at TCW seeking further comment was not returned at press time.

And here is another article:

Isn’t that bubba cush pretty much legal in LA?

He is a character. I met him once and this type of stuff does not surprise me at all. He has “interesting” suit selections as well.

I’m looking at his picture in the LA Times article. Doesn’t it appear that he is looking down at you…from a pedestal?

psn0706 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > He is a character. I met him once and this type > of stuff does not surprise me at all. He has > “interesting” suit selections as well. In what way?

yeah, do tell

well… i’ve seen him w/ an orange pants once… my friend works at TCW once and now he’s also telling me he has a purple velvet pants… pimping it up

Gundlach’s response, fresh off P&I:

even better–dealbreaker has the specific list of items found: between this and the Cantor Fitzgerald sex robot they’re killing it today!

sheesh what’s wrong with smokin a j during lunch break??! and watching porn…and playing with dildos…what have happened to us?

i wish dealbreaker was more dirt on the biz … like a TMZ for the investment community. i’d be all over that.

haha funny how you noted dealbreaker: since you mentioned: