Not sure whether to quit or do L2

  1. Started CFA L1 7 years ago, which inspired me to switch into corporate FP&A jobs. Doing L1 was one of the best decisions of my life.
  2. Put my CFA L2 on hold to do my CPA
  3. Have found success in the startup world as a VP of Finance (handling investor reporting, controllership) at tech startups
  4. Am now chasing a corporate FP&A job at a F100 company, which may value the CFA a little but definitely does not require it.
  5. My dream is to do that for a little bit and then be a startup founder that sells a company for 8, maybe 9 digits.
  6. If I succeed in 4 and 5, maybe I’ll be a VC or PE afterwards.

As of now, I’ve studied maybe 10 hours total for the CFA L2. I have no desire to be in a hedge fund, iBank, or private wealth management role. My focus is #4 and maybe #6 someday. I don’t know that having a CFA will help me achieve those.

I constantly ask myself if I’m doing the L2 for the wrong reasons. Am I doing it because it will help me get a job at a F100? Is a lot of the CFA material even relevant to doing the day-to-day at a F100 finance job? If not, why am I doing this? The ego trip of passing a tough challenge? The fear of telling people I’m one of the “quitters”?

Curious to hear what others in corporate FP&A/strategy have to say.