Not to change the topic but..

Did anyone see the beat down the Giants gave to the Ravens on Sunday??? It brought much joy into my life. PS: I was actually studying economics inbetween plays lol sad but true.

No worries, I’m a Chicago Blackhawks season ticket holder and run through my notecards in between periods and whistles.

Gints look good. There running game is just amazing, Eli continues to improve, and the D creates havoc. I’d say they have a real shot at going back to back.

u know what I like about this team? They know how easy it is to be eliminated in the first round. They know anything can happen and any team can lose or win on any given day so I think that makes them realize that even tho they’re winning now, they have no reason to celebrate until it’s over.

very true. it’s pretty rare to see a defending super bowl champ maintain that chip on their shoulder the next season.

jpliszka, Blackhawks, eh? Are you going to the Blackhawks Red Wings game on New Years?