Not to make everyone freak out...but based on last year's exam...

Not allowed to say what was on last year’s exam, but since I’m a retaker, just want to say this, which always amazed me about CFAI and what they test.

I’ve been monitoring this site for a while as people are trying hard to learn the concepts they obviously think will be tested. This is so crazy, but there was 2 questions on last year exam that were so not what you think is critical, that I haven’t seen any questions at all for people asking to clarify/calculate it. Not only that, but it’s not intuitive, and entailed serious calculation.

So, lesson is, you will get stuff wrong, relax, you can’t know everything.

Whatever you think may be on it may or may not be, and what you think may not be, may or may not be.

And you walk out the exam hall smiling knowing that you happily fail ;p

Thats expected really I remember seeing one or two questions like that in Level 1. I mean c’mon there are 6or7 text books full of information. Chances are they will throw a few questions in there that most ppl barley glanced at. Thus, I am sure nobody scores a 100%,

It boggles my mind that after ALL this studying, people are avaeraging like 70% on the Mock.

This has to be one of the most pointless threads I’ve seen for a while. You start with a dodgy statement and then finish it off with an obvious “lesson”.

Thank god you warned me that there might questions I didn’t expect, I was actually thinking of going to the exam tomorrow. indecision

overall , could you tell how is the difficulty of this year’s mock vs the last year true exam? surprise


I don’t get the point of this thread.

I think people here already know that they expect to get stuffs wrong. The whole idea to preparing well is to maximise the chances that things you see on the exam are things you already know.

I studied much less last year (i think) so couldnt tell. It’s also hard to really tell now. I know 90% of the materal 90%. If there was a problem on explaining exactly how to DEVELOP the OAS I’m screwed, if there’s a problem on determing if the OAS means overvalued GOOD - except if they trick you on the benchmark.

There are WAY too many variables to know how you do/will do.

Did last year’s mock helps you with the real exam?

Did not take last year’s mock. Although I would say that by and large the mock was not indicative of the questions on the actual.

You didn’t take last years mock but it was not indicative of the questions on the exam?

I saw it this year.