Not Voting

The big problem people who don’t vote in the states have is they think they are voting for leaders. Like, “I can’t support either leader because xyz, so I’m going to sit this out since nobody represents my views.” In today’s world, you are not voting for leaders. You are voting for listeners. The security of their jobs depends on it. So, what I do is make a pro/con list of the purported policies and vote for the policies with which I most agree. I don’t need to be inspired and I don’t care if a politician changes their stripes when their constituents do the same. That is what they should do. That is the system of one person one vote.

Not voting is basically like being offered the choice between two games of Russian roulette, one with two bullets and one with one, and saying “I don’t care, both options suck.” Make a choice, or someone else makes it for you.

Informative, thx