Nothing in life is free, especially not me! Would you pay?


was with Russian chick, spent a good chunk of my time with her until she wanted a drink and I dipped. Lol the whole thing was awkward as we had a communication problem but damn the girl can grind. Grappled my thigh with both legs, it was some amazing shit. She kept asking for a drink I kept tellin her to come chilll at the hotel room, and she said no so I said no eventually. Lol. But anyways this failure led to the proposal from pros once we left the nightclub.

So to the main topic:

this hot Latina j lo look alike and this average white blonde chick wanted 600 bucks for the night. My buddy hesitated and asked if he can just get 1 of them. And they lowered it to 400 for both. I was shocked! Are prices really this low? No middleman fee it was a straight approach from the chicks. Great value!

Btw pigs can finally fly. This Hot Arab chick rejected me then jumped on my new improved friend. It was insane, never thought I’d see the day I would holler hard, get ignored, as she proceeds to holler at my back then fat friend. I actually predicted it when I was comparing us in the mirror and realized he looked like that Mohammed dude in 90 day fiancé. Though my ego is bruised i am very happy for my friend. Swears that’s it’s his best vegas trip ever. Anyway like Russ hanneman says! This guy fucks!

So… I’m guessing you didn’t bring your gf with you to vegas?


While Nerdy was doing this, I was building a tax model. I feel like I am doing something wrong…,

You’re not too old to go to Vegas and pick up hookers, ohai

ohai taxing that ass though

AF water cooler meet up in Vegas amirite6?

So supposedly bitcoin and all the other coins are going ape shit. My friend made 140k in a day so he gave me and my buddy 1k each lol.

dont go for the seconds nerdy

Makes me sad I’m vegeta. I try so hard and this faggot ass nigga makes so much shit in 1 day