Nothing works like a genuine moka pot

I own:

  1. A nespresso capsule system
  2. A very decent&expensive automatic krups systems

To be honest however for me nothing is like a traditional moka pot,today I bought a bialetti express pot (the last one is at the gym)and boy it does make a decent espresso.the creme or whatever is called is absent but it sure beats my two other systems in terms of taste and how refreshed you are afterwards

I own a $1000 espresso machine, a Bialetti, and a Nespresso machine.

If I have 30 minutes to spare (to let the machine warm up) and ample time to rinse/clean after making drinks, nothing beats my espresso machine. But if time is any factor (which it often is, particularly in the morning) then my Nespresso is the more sensible choice.

Preparing espresso with a Bialetti can be “fun” – particularly when you’re trying to time it and make a perfect crema about 4 minutes after lighting the stove. In real life, however I cannot think of a situation in which I’d prefer to use my Bialetti over the other stated options.

Is that like a sex move?

i have two bialetti’s and have been a big fan but recently read it doesn’t make true espresso, it just makes really strong coffee (apparantly since it’ssteam-driven and not extracted under at least 9 BAR of pressure, it’s not considered traditional espresso). would like to do more research on this. i recently bought a french press and love it. still eyeing down a traditional espresso machine. anyone have any recommendations for <500$?

@da_mad_tiki buy a aeropress for<30$

I have a coupon for a free McCafe cup of coffee.

I have a car that gets me to the nearest coffee shop.

But to drive to get coffee, you must wear pants. I guess you could go to the drive in with no pants, but I always spill hot fluids on my lap in the car.

^ I find the line far more manageable when I don’t wear pants.