noticing a pattern - on feeling of candidates

Why is that almost every candidate feels they are not sure if they are going to pass this exam (regardless of the level I or level II - haven’t read LIII posts so don’t know for that). CFA institute prides itself in making “uncertain” exams or what, that no one can really tell what is going to happen to them and everyone in the mean time has to endure enormous amounts of anxiety, anxiousness that they grow 2 yr old in, just 2 wks. This feeling of nerve-racking thrill that they unintentionally or *intentionally* give the candidates – is this PART OF the CURRICULUM??? which STUDY SESSION? god!! I am thrilled to pass LI and so is everyone who learnt about my success, but I can’t understand the agony of LII’ers here… and thinking that at some point next year (if I study) I might have to go thru the same pain, almost makes me sick.

pepp Wrote: > which STUDY SESSION? > > but I can’t understand the agony of LII’ers here Study session F…subsection U

Correction: but I can’t understand the agony of LII’ers here should read but I can understand the agony of LII’ers here Greenspan, good one!

heh heh…I was proud of that one. A few more days and the agony will be over for roughly 35% of the L2 candidates. The remainder will go back to stressville. No worries, nothing we can do til the 19th. Today is really the first time I’ve thought about the results. I’ve got enough to keep me busy between now and next Tuesday…won’t sweat it til then.

Yeah these tests are tough. For the average smart person who studies hard you never know where you’re gonna end up. I studied a ton for Level 1 and when it got it test time it was a challenge. I had a horrible test experience as well. I sat next to a really stinking person that made my eyes water and nose run through the whole exam. I had trouble concentrating with the putrid stench and ran out of time on both sessions. After the exam I thought I failed for sure, but when I got the results I was >70 on all but 2 topic areas and passed. Did the same level of studying for level 2 and thought I’d pass for sure but ended up failing with high marks in Equity, FSA, Fixed Income but bombed ethics which threw me for a loop (thought I aced ethics - did a retab with no luck). This year on Level 2, I was even more prepared and felt like I aced the morning session, but the afternoon session came out of nowhere with bizarre topics/questions plus I was running out of energy. It’s like the test adapted to my level of knowledge and was harded this year. I was really hoping for an easy version of the exam, yeah right! I feel like I could easily fail or pass, you never know unless you’re ridiculously smart.