Notification from proctors for violation report

Hi all,

I just curious whether a proctor need to verify/ candidates signatures to fill in violation report?

I heard that a proctor remind a candidates in my test centre to stay to make a violation report when other candidates were dismissed. My test center is HCMC - Vietnam.

My case: During the AM session after I read the pledge and fill in information. But then I missed the proctor saying please close your booklet,(actually I believe that the proctor didnt said “close the booklet” … she said something like continue reading with me in the front page. from what i listen to in PM session)

However, I kept on reading and rechecking the information on the answer sheet, until one proctor came over and closed the book for me. He said “close it” in my language and did not even mention that he would report this to CFAI, and after that he just walked away.

I was sure at that time I was not in danger since I did not flip the page and the questions were pages behind, I put down my pen after signing the pledge, and I showed no intent to start early or whatever.

Was I charged for violation and a report could be made against me?

You will know soon, about 3-4 weeks after exam CFAI usually send PCPs. I am not sure whether proctors have discretion to not even inform candidates about reporting.

Search the forum for “PCP” and you’ll see a lot of surprised people… most of the early letters that come out are for simple things such as time violations, writing on ticket, or glancing, then the later violations sent out are after CFAI does similarity analysis. Letters come out all the way up to the release of scores. One way to know is if you’re under investigation is if you can’t log in and access candidate resources.

I log in CFA website daily, when they will lock my account? only when I receive my email ?

Why you cheat?

I did not cheat! please read my post before making that question!

I would think accounts are locked once it’s reviewed and decided a violation occurred, probably a few days before you receive a notice.

on exam day the proctor is your professor, teacher, coach, mentor, boss, CEO, CIO, CFO, COO, federal agent, combined. If a proctor says walk like a duck right now, you do it. I remember I had not only my eyes but my face glued to my booklet and when i lifted up my head I made sure i looked in the direction of the proctor right in front of me so that he/she can track my eyes. don’t want a proctor hired by CFAI making $15 an hour who has no idea what CFA stands for to ruin +300 hours of my life.

Totally agree!

I only looked at my answer sheet, not the booklet

Out of curiosity, how, then, did you know what the questions were?

Did someone else (a proctor, perhaps) read them to you?

All of this worry leads me to believe there’s some sort of guilt on your part.

Clear your conscience – be honest with CFAI, and they might let you sit for the exam again.



Hi S2000,

I have to break the seal of the booklet then tear the answer sheet. Then I concentrate on the answer sheet to fill some personal information and read the pledge.

The next page doesnt contain any question. It is a table of number questions and subjests

I read some surprised report against candidates, i worry

As you know, you can be charged of being guilty, even you are innocent

I am honest with my conscience.

Thank you, #

Do you think it Is possible to get a investigation just because your answers are a perfect 100% on all questions? Is it advisable to leave some minor mistakes just to be on the safe side?

oh boy… make some mistakes for the sake of MPS so that others can pass :slightly_smiling_face:

It is highly likely that they might hire you to design the test paper for next year