"Notre Dame Tops List of Best College Business Programs"

Hmm. I’ve seen all kinds of university ranking orders, but this is a new one.




Kind of interesting, not Notre Dame as #1 per se, but I don’t recall anything this detailed for undergrad business schools when I was going to school (I didn’t start in the business school, but it would have still been interesting to look at). I found it interesting though that my school had a really high recruiter survey result, but an incredibly low student survey score. Don’t know why, but our school has like self-confidence problems or something.

I think the student survey is a big flaw in this particular ranking. It’s very possible that more serious or smarter students will be more critical of their schools, thus driving down their own rankings.

Student satisfaction with academic programs is probably also influenced by their existing expectations. For instance, say candidate N (not referring to any particular AF member) gets into a prestigious school thinking that the quality should be 9/10. However, turns out it’s just 8/10. N might then say that the quality was not that great - “did not meet expectations”, or something like that. If N got into a less prestigious school, he might expect say, 7/10. If the actual quality turns out to be 8/10 (same as the previous example), N’s review might be positively biased.

Yeah…Wharton MIT and NYU below NDame…riiiiiiight

I think recruiter surveys tend to be kind of a contrarian indicator.

Say you’re a recruiter for Citi, Wells Fargo, or Bank of America.

When you go to MIT, NYU or Berkeley to recruit, the students will treat you like the last-choice employer that you are. And out of the 8 offers you make, you will get 2 grudging acceptances.

When you go to Penn State, Notre Dame or Purdue to recruit, the students will act like interviewing with you is the greatest thing that has ever happened to them. And out of 8 offers you make, you will get 7 acceptances from excited students.

Which schools are you – as a recruiter – going to rank highly? The schools where the students act like they’re too good for you, or the schools where the students are dying to work for you?

Really? Citi is a pretty legit BB firm to work at for front office positions. It’s not as lusty as Goldman or Morgan Stanley, but I don’t think Berkeley students have that much room to be picky (no offense to Berkeley which is a great school). I understand your premise but think you should scale up a bit in the implementation. The guy at Wharton wouldn’t be too excited about Citi, the guy at Berkeley would be pretty excited about it, and the guy anywhere below that would be thrilled – these days it might even be skewed more upward than that since getting a job anywhere is pretty exciting for most aspiring financiers.

Eh, I think any of those banks has some really good departments and some not so good departments. Cannot really look at it from a high level perspective.

The general concept sounds right though.