Notre Lame

Best chance is Navy November 3. That makes for a long “fall”, pun intended.

Go Navy!

Did anyone see the brilliant sign in the background of college gameday? Rushing Yards Notre Dame: -14 Me: 0 I was cracking up . . . I wish they were still negative. They still only have one legit touchdown too, starting from 4 yards out doesn’t count. It’s a small small step in the right direction though.

So skahammer posted this on the AF alumni site: “During the PSU game, announcers commented that ND players just looked *smaller* than the PSU guys – first time I’d ever heard that about ND in comparison to any team. Made me wonder: What if a coach – let’s say from a pro team that had had significant (though previously undisclosed) problems with PEDs-- arrived at a big-time college program and somehow found a way to effectively ban PEDs? What would be the result? Would it look different from what’s happening at ND right now?” The more I think about this, the more I think it’s true. I posted this in a follow-up: “That’s a pretty interesting angle… From the distant archives - Charlie Weis was a coach with USC Gamecocks back in the mid-80’s. In 1988, there was a really moving article in Sports Illustrated (like I remember it now 20 years later) about a defensive lineman on the team named Tom Chaikin who was forced to take steroids to keep his position on the team. Someone accidentally walked into his room while he had a 0.357 magnum under his chin trying to get the courage to pull the trigger. He blamed the steroids and SI wrote a shocking article (wouldn’t be as shocking now). The next year, Charlie Weis was back coaching high school football in NJ. Think this guy has some issues with PED’s in college football?” Further, Notre Dame is having a pretty rough recruiting year. Didn’t the just lose some QB to Northern Illinois? “Hi, kid, want to be a quarterback at Notre Dame just like Joe Montana?” “No, thanks. The weather is better in Northern Illinois”. More likely, the kids are hearing that the can’t take the drugs that made them. What if Charlie Weis wants to see what happens when you take a marquee program like ND and stop the drug abuse and doesn’t care if he gets fired? If that guy gets fired and writes a book about PED’s in college football and someone does some credible thing to stop them, I would be his biggest fan. BTW - There were kids on the Lafayette College football team taking steroids (I know this for an absolute fact). Lafayette College?!? I used to get kids in my office failing their classes and having all kinds of problems and tell them, “You have 24 football games left in your whole life where anyone cares about the score and, btw, nobody much cares about the score in those 24”. It didn’t work even once.

Notre Dame’s recruiting for the 2008 class is currently #1 in the nation according to Rivals, so unless there is a series of de-commits, they are riding high on the recruitment side. But watching this mind numbingly effeminate school implode is great (can’t say “gay” lest I be berated by Canadians for insensitivity). I love it.

I enjoy it too - Maybe I heard about decommits.