Nov '10 Registration

Hi folks, I am newbie here, I am planning to take up both L1 and L2 in Nov '10, can anybody tell me as to when GARP will open the registration for the same? As late as today, its open only for May '10! Many thanks in advance.

Sasankm - Whilst not 100% sure, I don’t think GARP open the Nov registration until after the May exam/s - Ian

You sure to take both levels at once? If you fail level I they wont grade level II. So you will have to do both levels again later. And 2 times 4 hours on a day might be a lot. But for your question: wait till after the May exam. (no need to register asap anyways as you dont need registration to start studying).

I am also willing to take both levels in November 2010. Already started with valuations. I wanna finish my first read of Level 1 by June and then I will decide about second level. I am not writing CFA L2 this June and deferred it till next june. That’s way I wanna write both levels. Started with Scheweser. Second read with bionic turtle.

I completed CFA last year and just registered for Nov 10 FRM Level 1 and Level 2. Saw few people on the forum doing the same. I am looking forward to regularly check in this forum. I guess need to check both L1 and L2 forums. I believe lot of syllabus should be similar like CFA.