Nov 2013 Part 1 - When can I get the books?

I am giving my CFA Level 2 in June 2013 and intend on writing the FRM Part 1 in November 2013. When would the books be available for the november exams? At present, I only see the May 2013 books being made avaiable. Also, would there be changes in the syllabus between the May 13 and the Nov 13 exam?

Hi there,

There are no changes whatsoever, you will be tested on the material which is already available. Syllabus is updated on a yearly basis, so AIMs are the same in May and November.


I’ll be appearing for FRM level1 this november and I am new to all this. Also my quant is not that strong. I would appreciate if somebdy can suggest me which notes to refer to???..will Schweser be good enough for an average student like me or should i undergo some crash course for preparing for the exam as well???


I have heard that Schweser shall be enough. Please also note that Schweser is crash course :slight_smile: