November Plan

Hey guys, With November right around the corner, I thought it’d be helpful if I started a thread where everyone could talk about their study plans for November. I’m assuming most people are going to be done with an initial reading of all the material by then so feel free to post our revision schedules (try to be specific). Some examples: - # of Qbank / CFAI questions per day - How often one’s going to take Sample/Mock Exams - Revision Plan (rereading through material again or secret sauce) Let’s try to help each other out with good ideas. And people who have passed, please throw out some suggestions that worked for you!

I’ve gone through most of the materials (pending Alt Inv). I’m starting to re-review the materials and answering Qbank questions and CFA questions at the end of each chapter. Taking my sample CFA exam this weekend, CFA mock exam next weekend and then doing about 2 practice/sample exams a week through november. I’m leaving the last week for light review.

For the first week - I’m going to focuss the review on the more difficult areas which I know my knowledge isn’t good enough yet - economics and FSA (specifically SS9). Then I’m going to take a mock every Saturday (to get into the practice of doing the exam) and then go over the things I was worst at for the rest of the week. Then time off first week of Dec to review everything.

I will be done with my first overall review by the 5th… I am taking the Stalla Mock exam on the 8th and attending to a full weekend review (8&9) For the next 4 weeks after that… I am hoping to drill as many questions as possible on everything and even more on my weak areas. Probably doing a 3h exam every Sat and Sun (meaning that I am hoping to do 6 of those).

I’m taking 2 book 6 schweser exams on saturdays at the same time as the actual exam. Only taking 2 since I’ve already taken one. Taking the last sample exam from CFAI, since I’ve already taken 2. Taking 2 mocks from CFAI. That’s 1 test per weekend. Study weakpoints in between exams and hope to make progress on each. 11/30 buy lots of toilet paper because I figure that’s when I’ll start $#!%%!*& my pants.

  • Take the CFAI sample exams early in the month, and the mock exams in the 2 weeks before the exam. - Review all of my highlighted “notes” in the CFAI text. - Review the end of chapter MC questions, especially the questions that were on the 2005 exam. - Do as many Q-bank questions as I possibly can. - I hope to keep the stress at a minimum, so my husband still likes me when this is over.