November Registration Deadline

This has been changed to July 20th, and based on all past information, it hadn’t (and still doesn’t) seem like we should expect our results until later in July.

Do you think they would actually close the registration window for November L3 retake before May candidates even get their results?

Hard to say, but perhaps it is a risk. Fingers crossed we all passed in May! Good luck to everyone.

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I was interpreting it differently: we’ll get the results more quickly than expected :sweat_smile:

Let’s see… I think it’s unlikely/unfair and contradictory to previous communications if May '21 L3 candidates would be unable to register for Nov '21… Particularly after everything we’ve been through, the upcoming changes to the curriculum in '22 and all… that would be the final blow to push me to abandon it (potentially)


I agree. They’ll most likely keep their words to let failed candidates register for November exam

dude you didn’t even read everything

*Candidates who sat for the May exam and candidates who have been granted a deferral to the November exam will be able to register for the November exam after the 20 July deadline. If you qualify for this later deadline, further information will be sent to you by email in early July.


I didn’t read it on CFAI website, I just saw it in a newly released article that I guess didn’t clarify that detail.

Either way, thanks for checking on there and clarifying for the many people who I’m sure were wondering about that.

Thanks for posting that!
Looks like no quicker-than-expected results after all then; just more time to register :slight_smile:

Color me astonished.


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