Novus Learning DC

Anybody in DC area ever used novus learning for level 3 (or any level) as a prep course for CFA?

no, but I used to be in DC crabb cake, never heard of these cats.

This I believe is a relatively new group who were at the exam hall last June providing information about their services… Not sure how good they are, and if they really are as good as they claim they are. They do seem to be pretty expensive…

CPPPPPP!!! Wheeedddduppp??? Nice to see you up here on the Level 3 boards. Git r done!

anybody else? they have a 16 week classroom based course. looks pretty good. its held very close to where i work and would be easy. think it would set some structure to my study schedule. i’m thinking of doing this as an alternative to buying schweser notes and just using the course materials plus cfa books? any body ever take a class? good experience?

they are NEW… so you will be the first to take their classes.

they are NEW just like Crabb who is trying to pump them for some reason, coincidence? me thinks not