Now BofA is in the handout business

Yet another kick in the stones of the fiscally responsible.

So, is this just a PR thing or what? Or did they decide that the market impact from more foreclosures would be worse than just paying the money? I don’t get it.

This is about their lawsuits from countrywide. It’s potentially a planet killer asteroid. They need to do something.

^ I know. Pisses me off though. Make responsible decisions, pay your bills on time, get kicked in the stones. Spend someone else’s money on a house you can’t afford, likely spend what money you do have on vacations, cars, etc., skip your house payments, get a nice chunk of your loan forgiven.


“Yes, Barry.”

“Call up BAC and tell them to do something to make the working class feel better so I get re-elected.”

“Yes, Barry. If I do this favor for you, will you do the favor I spoke to you about?”

“Which one, Warren?”

“The one where you get the intelligence service to perform an extraordinary rendition of Becky Quick to an Eastern European dungeon of my choosing.”

“Yes, we can!”