now i aint saying she a gold digger! but she just wanted a new car!

i was chilling with my politican buddy car dealership owner/housing developer buddy at his penthouse suite in a building he built. we were discussing gold diggers cuz bitcoin went alpha on his ex. bitcoin’s ex dyed her hair blonde and sent him a photo. he responded with “cool”. and she said that’s all youre going to say. and he was like yea pack your shit and gtfo. haha so proud! anyways he was saying that he still has feelings for her but doesnt want her back, cuz she’s a gold digger.

my politician buddy lit up and said i can relate, i dated a gold digger for 2 years. apparently he was with this albanian chick that threated to leave all the time unless hse got what she wants. he always bought her everything until she asked for a new car, and that’s where he drew the line. she didnt want to leave his place. so he just started brining girls over until she got the message. hahahahahaha. anyways politcian buddy sounds like hes in a good place. he no longer risks going to strip clubs and massage parlors and stuff! althought he was talking a lot about what you can hire in craigslist massage.

anyawys im saddddd. my friends are all single and they’re all going to vegas. my co worker asked what im doing for the weekend. and its seriously justt netflix and chillin with gf. itss soo sadd how my life is soo boring now. there used to be atime when i would show off my snapchat thots to errbody. now i just go to reddit and stare at thots like a creeper. fack my life!

Also being single, they have no risk of getting cuckolded.