Now I've Really Solved TransferPricing's (and everyone else's) HCB problem

The miracle of science. Short high class HCB pros.

ROFL, I recently had to google and sign up for CPR / First aid training for summer raft guiding. So I’m looking at this article with this big picture of this CPR looking sex dummy in lingerie and above it is an add saying “CPR Training Available”

Where do you guide Swan? It’s been several years, but I used to raft a fair bit in the mid-Atlantic. Started off with lazy trips on the Lehigh and graduated to the Hudson, the New, and the Gauley. Always wanted to switch over to kayak, but never got around to taking lessons.

I’m a kayaker (never been in a raft before this) I usually kayak the cheat, Upper yough, Lower yough, Lower Big Sandy, etc. Anyhow, one of my paddle buddies was gonna guide a a local shop over the summer so I signed up, which triggered a mini tug of war between shops once word spread because I know a lot of the guides. Anyhow, long story short, I’ll just be guiding the Lower Yough this summer since I’m knew to the whole raft thing, but I am super excited about it though.