Now Mac Miller Illuminati!?!?


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ok here’s how it works. Everyone in entertainment, music, sports, etc. has a number that tags them for potential sacrifice. during particularly important moon cycles, there are a number of sacrifices that build up negative energy from the collective consciousness. then during the full moon, the energy (loosh) is released and harvested by entities that are sustained by it. Other tactics are false flags and other mass casualty events. They do this also to keep “lower vibration” collective timelines intact. as we progress towards the next full moon, they will attempt to ramp up the suffering through a mass casualty event. The Great Awakening has greatly reduced their ability to extract loosh from humans. However, these entities have not completely been eliminated. As the collective becomes less and less reactive and more aware of the intent of these events, the less effective they become and the more open humanity is to choose to embody the higher love vibration and experience the associated higher timelines. This is the process of ascension.

Go on.

Ask me a question I’ll tell no lies.

dont ever disrespect my fallen Eskimo brother like this again. I swear.

wait you’re saying I shouldn’t diminish the self respect of committing suicide?

He did lose Ariana grande to a loser. That’s rough. I’m a big fan of his music though. Stick to swishas! He also made the famous Donald trump song!

never heard of him

ya, I used to think and say things just like that. It’s cool to say things like “anyone who commits suicide is a coward”, until you’re hugging the family members of someone who’s done just that.

why did you post a coldplay picture - is this an inside joke

you’re barking up the wrong tree bro. If you want to work it out in person you know where I’ll be tonight.

Yeah just messing around posting the photo of one famous person when referring to another.

Don’t disclose your location, that is what they want you to do.

I am protected by the light. (((They))) know they are powerless against me.

ohhh ok

i am the light of the world says the lord. They who follow me will have the light of life