Now or Later?

I anticipate (or at least hope) that I’ll be passing CFA Level III this June. I intend to put myself on the job market (specifically in the hedge fund industry) at some point this year. I do see attractive opportunities in the market currently. Which is the more prudent course of action? a. Begin applying now. b. Wait until confirmation of completing the exams to apply for jobs. Any advice and comments appreciated.

Never put your life on hold for an exam…do you think someone’s perception of your contribution changes materially when you change “Passed Level II” to “Passed Level III”? There are about 40 other lines on your resume that are of equal or greater importance. Opportunity comes to those that seize it!

Agree… by all means, study for the exam, but don’t NOT apply for a position just because you’ll be taking an exam. The one issue is whether applying for jobs will take so much time away from studying that it will affect your chances of passing. Since this is May and the exam is in June, there’s an argument for that, but it only really applies during the last few weeks before an exam, and if a job really seems appropriate for you, don’t let the opportunity to apply pass you by.