Now that I have Netflix...

Which shows should I watch that I’ve never seen?

BTW–I probably haven’t seen any of them. In the past ten years, the only TV shows I have watched have been 2 1/2 Men, Law & Order SVU, Glee, and Teen Mom (the last two were at my wife’s behest).

So I’ve never watched Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, or any of this other stuff that you guys are always talking about.

Breaking bad, mad men. Your west texas crowd may still find the latter relevant.

House of Cards

sopranos, wire, oj simspon, entourage, curb


Isn’t game of thrones only on HBO

I would go Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Narcos in that order if we’re only talking Netflix


House of Cards, Breaking Bad, How I Met Your Mother, New Girl (girl Cece so sexy)

Knights of Sidonia

The Office

Arrested development, Curb your enthusiasm

How have you not had Netflix? Did Midland finally get internet?

Let me rephrase.

Now that my wife has Netflix so that she can watch Fuller House, I have to pay for it whether I use it or not. So which shows are the ones that I really shouldn’t miss?

Refer to the most frequent answers already provided by existing Netflix users.


“An Idiot Abroad” … A travel show where Rickt Gervais sends his idiot friend abroad and makes him do things “he will hate”. Supposed to be a parody, but I feel this is a travel show that depicts what real travel abroad is actually like. REALLY amusing!

An idiot abroad is a good shout.

Homeland is worth watching. The first season at least.

The ladies love The Good Wife and Mad Men so keep them in mind if you are watching with your other half. Definitely more watchable than Teen Mom or Fuller House!

Modern Family and The Office are good sitcoms if you haven’t seen them.

Narcos, Marco Polo, Homeland, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, Making a Murderer off the top of my head…

Loads of other great ones like Game of Thrones, Walking Dead etc…but pretty sure those aren’t on Netflix.

Breaking Bad should be first. No questions. Come back once you’re done for more. (Spoiler alert: The answer is Mad Men.)

And +1 to New Girl for a comedy. Zooey D…whatever her last name is is pretty annoying but the dudes on that show are hysterical.

House of Cards, definitely. If you have never seen it, Lost. If you had Amazon Prime, I would also throw in The Americans.