Now that u people are prepared......

Which one do u think is better? (STALLA Vs SCHWESER) I am preparing for june’10 level 1 exam…i am considering the idea of using schweser premium solution.(BECOZ stalla doesn’t deliver material to india…they have partner’s here…but these people don’t provide complete material…but charge for the full…So what do u guys say…IS Schweser sufficient? PLEASE ADVICE



Schweser is fine. A few of their questions suck, but overall it’s fine.

jat - dude, i guess just wait for few days and we will be in a better mood and mind to give you all the answers you want regarding your queries

well said sumz! this is just not the right time man!

they both suck. everything sucks. I want to join the circus. I’m tired. This is for crazy people. Run, run fast… schweser is better.

Sumz and Crish…got ur point…But i am sure after the exam…u would be kind enough to answer this question .

jatboy go for stalla videos ,books ,passmaster and schwezer vol 6-7 exams +secret sauce

Thanx paracoda…appreciate it