Now That You've Passed Level 2...

Now that you’ve passed Level 2 and are in a great mood, what advice can you give the newest L2 candidates? Time to start studying? Use CFAI material only or use Kaplan/Stalla/Shweser/Etc? How to do the readings…take notes? Areas to put most focus on? I know there are other threads regarding these issues, but it cannot hurt to hear how the most recent people who passed got through it all… Thanks in advance.

Read CFAI material if you have time. DO EOC questions. I stick with Schweser with reading through CFAI material, it helps

I have Schweser notes from level 3 this year for sale if anyone is interested or wants to get a head start. Email me at rj0860 at hotmail

oops didn’t read OP

No, do not start studying yet. There is a lot of material, but starting 9 1/2 months before the exam will not help. I would start in Dec. if I were you (which I’ll be doing for L3). I used Schweser, and thought it was sufficient (unlike many here – lots of opinions on this). Just make sure you complete the end of chapter Q’s in the CFAI curriculum. And do the CFAI mocks & samples – it’s worth the money.

there is another thread on this, where I posted my response

Do not make the mistake of starting too late (Me). You may pass if you start in late Feb but the stress of not knowing whether or not you will pass is just brutal. Start in early november and study consistently until June. Unless you’re a genuis like me then you start in late feb, stress the entire time, and then find out you got >70% in almost everything.