Now What???

Okay most people in here have already finished solving schweser book 1/2, EOC, and mocks 2009-2011. I have solved those multiple times and I first scored in 50’s 60’s but now im scoring in high 70s-low 80s, maybe more, but most probably because of repetition; however, is it a good strategy? I mean I have solved mocks more than 5 times now and 3 times for schweser book 2. What now? how shall i spend the last week? I dont really feel comfortable at all because I know that im getting better scores because it’s not the first time i do them… Anyone having the same feeling? thanks

You’ve solved all EOC’s, all mocks by both Schweser and CFAI multiple times? Wow. If I were you, I’d enter my Schweser info online and see where it says you’re weak. Study those areas.

I did and i still feel i have many weaknesses. that’s the problem. I started with 50s but because of repetition, im scoring in 80s now. This should boost my confidence in calculation areas but when it comes to questions with X says this and Y says that, who’s correct and who is not, i flunk it up. Can you explain more about the whole schweser online thing?

Bilal, I’m kind of in the same boat as you. I’ve worked every practice exam (though not going back so many years as you) multiple times and I’m scoring very high on them now. I did just take the BSAS exam (got a copy from a guy at work) and got a 77% on it, so those were new and made me feel a little better, but the test seemed pretty easy. I felt like on my second pass through the exams I couldn’t remember the questions at all, I was actually surprised that I didn’t remember the item set at all, but I do realize that I was re-working concepts that I had reviewed again, so to the extent that something wasn’t tested on any of the exams I could get screwed on the real test. What I did is I have written down a list of all of the questions I missed on my second pass through the exams. When I go through the exams I always mark questions that I am kind of guessing on as well. Those went on the list as well. I am going to go through and do a “test” of all the missed and guessed questions only. I figure that will help me work my weak areas. As far as the Schweser online thing, if you log in to Schweser’s website you can enter your mock exam answers from this year and it will tell you how you performed relative to all the others who have entered their scores. I figure that only the high performers are going to bother with this, but over 1000 people have submitted their scores so far and if you can get above the high performer average that’s probably pretty good.

Will follow the same method you mentioned above. I was just wondering how the hell are people scoring in mid 70s/low 80s in their first attempt. It is discouraging… i have to work more on alternative, ethics, corporate. I will solve EOC questions 1 more time and mark the questions which I would do wrong, look at questions i did wrong on schweser mocks, and spend the last day reviewing notes/ethics/CFA mocks… I just hope my work pays off… Good luck

Bilal, im on the same boat as you…i’d recommend doing all the blue boxes (examples) in the cfai chapters… They,at times, test some things that are not on EOC