Nowadays, whenever I want to say, 'Bullsh-t', I just say 'QE3'...

I just sold 100 shrs BAC. That money is going to be spent on strippers. There, the consumer is back. Way to go Ben.

Don’t fight the Fed!

Lithuanian brunette stripper at the dollhouse near WTC. She was worth my Fed induced pop on BAC. $400 usd. wasn’t that good though But then again… what is?

Why not get an escort for that price instead of a stripper?

Quality escort in NYC in my earlier years ran $800-$1000. How’s the Toronto market? Actually, you’re right. Instead of losing ‘hand’ over fist shorting a tidal wave if irrational exuberance, I should just get an escort. Problem is it’ll take me at least two hours. Last time, the pimp showed up at my door. He was cool about it thiugh