Number of Credits

Hi Guys, Anyone who has had US OR Canadian education here, please advice. Based on your experience with college, how many credits would a CFA L1, L2 and L3 be equivalent of? Please reply in following format: 1 - 25 credits 2 - 27 credits 3 - 26 credits total : 78 credits Isn’t it better to just enrol in a local University’s PhD in Finance program? With all the effort, even after passing the exam, is a charter even going to get awarded? Riyaz

i would say 2-3 credits per text book. each text book being considered a “class.” Big books would be closer to 3 and ethics and some other smaller ones maybe only 2 credits. at my university, it was 3 “hours” per class. you can do the math on how many there were. i dont remember.