number of decimal places on calculator

So how many decimal places do you guys have set on your calculator? Currently I am showing 4, but for some schweser problems it is still not enough. Just curious how many decimal places everyone is using.

I often find myself in the same situation. I did use 4, but have started using 5 recently.

I use 4…except when working with interest rate parity & bootstrapping questions, when I switch to 6

I by default keep to 6.

hey guys, I am using BA II Pro, how can I set the number of decimals to 6? Thanks. Malek

Press + six times in a row.

2nd Dec (I believe that says FIX) then press 6= 2nd Quit and remember you have to do this every time you reset your calculator, because Reset sets the number back to 2 (the default). CP

Just an FYI on the BAII Plus and Professional, if you hit 2nd Format 9 Enter, this will set your calc to the max # of decimal places, but it shortens it when not needed. For instance, 1/3 would show up as 0.333333333, but 1/4 would show up as 0.25 instead of 0.250000 if you had it set to 6 decimals. A feature I learned recently that I didn’t know about; just a FYI for everyone in case you’re interested. I usually keep it set to 9 and use the Store/Recall functions to keep the numbers in memory that I am working with. I figure the more decimals, the better.

Thanks guys for your help!! I appreciate it Good luck!!