Number of Exam In L1

Hi all As per the programs calendar, exam dates are 3rd and 4th of decemember. However i am wondering are we sitting in the both exams (3 and 4) or in just only one(Either 3 or 4). Information found on the website state that we have to take 2, three hour session. So why are they are stating two days for L1 exam. I couldn’t able to find much info on this…Please Help… Thanx

The exam is on the 3rd December everywhere, the exam on the 4th is only available for Religous exceptions.

So there is only one exam. I thought it was two. But how come didn’t mention it anywhere in their website. Or did i miss it somewhere?

you take one exam on the 3rd and the second half of the exam on the 4th

What ?? u kidding me right…

so we have to take 12 hours in total…

its the 3rd in most countries and the 4th in ME/Asia-Pacific. You do not choose a date.

Oh okie. I m in usa, so i guess i am taking exam in 3rd . is that right?? Please don’t confuse me. It might be fun for you but it confuse me if someone’s answer is ambiguous. thanx

U’ll be taking exam on dec 3. Morning session at 9AM that ends at 12Noon and evening session at 2PM that ends at 5PM.

Oh okie. Thank you a lot for all of u for ur input…:D:D:D

From the website “The December 2011 exam will be given on Saturday, 3 December, except at those test centers noted by an asterisk (*), where it will be given on Sunday, 4 December.” Go to December Exam Test Center location to find out. thx