Number of Qbank Questions

Does Schweser give a break down of how many questions are in each category (easy/intermediate/advanced)? I’ve only taken tests with intermediate and advanced and it seems that I have topped out on questions at about 1800. There is no way there are 2000 easy Qbank questions.

i think there are too many easy questions. i have the same problem …

Thats good to know. Have you done many of them maratikus? Are they worth spending the time doing them? I’m focusing on Book6/7 and I am guessing my time is better spent on those questions.

The easy one are a joke. I wouldn’t spend any time on them.

My plan is to re-read Secret Sauce a few times looking through CFAI books if I have any questions and do Q-bank advanced only questions including previously used questions. I’m going to do all CFAI Ethics questions in early June. From what I know focusing on Book 7 might be a good idea but I don’t have it.

I’m doing the same with ethics. I am going to make sure I go over those 3 case studies carefully.

same here 1400done, and running out