Number of Questions in AM

Can someone tell me how many questions were there in Morning Session? Thanks

how many were you able to complete? There were 11 questions I guess but I only completed 9

There were 11??

There are 4 questions. You people have not been paying attention - and here they are: Why is this CFA Exam different than all other CFA Exams? Why on this CFA exam are there questions about [REDACTED] while on all of my practice and sample exams we only have questions about [REDACTED]? Why do we [REDACTED] on this exam day while on other days we [REDACTED]? Why wont the guy next to me just get a glass of water instead of spewing germs all over the place? There.

There was an AM session??? damn!

are you talking about 2009 exam??? it had 11 Qs. 2010 is on hard…

Someone else already compiled this:,1170860

^ LOL. He is the same guy Sponge

I don’t know, I haven’t even sat for it yet (religous observation). Don’t reveal the number of questions.


pupdawg82 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > ^ LOL. He is the same guy Sponge Come on dawg…pathetic.

there were 9 questions in the morning session. hope that helps you amit

How did you do on the evening session?