Number of questions you truly know - Mock Exam & other questions

I am taking the practice exam and was curious how many questions on average you actually know. Out of 10 questions, how many do you guys actually know and how many do you guys guess/narrow down to. Out of 10 questions, I feel like I know about 5 questions, can narrorrow it down to 2 answers on 2-3 questions, and completely guess on 2-3. Is this roughly what you guys are doing? Obviously it depends on the topic, but I am curious in general.

I’ve got to the point where its about this ratio:

Know - 60%

Narrow down / educated guess - 30%

Complete guess - 10%

Assuming your ratio is 5/3/2 you are in a good shape:

50% Known - with errors and silly mistakes, you should get 48% from this

30% Narrow down - you should get AT LEAST 15% from this

20% Complete guess - you should get AT LEAST 7% from this

The above is a conservative estimate, getting you to 70%.

When doing the mock exams I always circled the ones I was not sure about or guessed on (and therefore counted them as “wrong” no matter if I guessed right). I think on average about 4-5 out of the 120 per session I was just completely unsure how to do or had to make narrow down and guess.