Number of questions you truly know - Mock Exam & other questions...

I am taking the practice exam and was curious how many questions on average you actually know. Out of 10 questions, how many do you guys actually know and how many do you guys guess/narrow down to. Out of 10 questions, I feel like I know about 5 questions, can narrrow it down to 2 answers on 2-3 questions, and completely guess on 2-3. Is this roughly what you guys are doing? Obviously it depends on the topic, but I am curious in general.

I never get 6/6 and rarely 5/6 on a first time vingette… unless i get lucky with a guess…its even more rare for me to be 100% certain the answer is correct… 4/6 average will probably be a pass on the exam. hopefull in my case i get lucky on ethics or some other guesses.

I think the key is doing well on your strongest area’s to leave room for the topics you don’t know well. For myself I am assuming I will get 2/6 in econ, I know I don’t know it well enough and at this point I am ok with that. When doing mocks and assessments I was getting 5/6 or 6/6 on equity so I’m ok with letting that carry me past the small topics I don’t know like econ and to a degree quant.