Can you shoot me an e-mail at chad.lucy at gmail dot com when you get a chance? I have a few questions about ATL that I was hoping you could help me with. Thanks!, TheChad

dude, where have you been? How moving to Miami was? What happen to L1? Taking L2 this year or next?

Sorry broski’s. Been super busy. Failed L1, big surprise (?). Gotta focus on the Series (7/66/3) going to re sign up for L1 for December. Chad, Sent you an email. Also, I think I might finally be getting a place in Miami, after surfing couches at UM for two weeks. So, The First Annual AF Miami Conference is on for late July.

Hitcha back boss man.

Sorry to hear that mon. Broski - ha. I remember that new hair cut video from youtube. Why not taking it in June? Material is fresh and would be easier. has the best series 7 book…straight to the point and accurate. STC has the best practice tests though.