NY Jets Management Development Program advice....

Where to start… I guess Farve was cheap and they just couldn’t resist pulling the trigger. Outside of Gholston, I think I’m gonna prematurely give Tannenbaum an A for the off-season.

I think it’s a move that could take the jets from a 4-5 win team to a 8-10 win team, but I’m not sure farve is more than a 1 year fix until they can solidify their quarter back of the future.

I agree with artvandalay’s prediction of 8-10 wins. They’re now a competitive and relevant franchise again. They’ve made a lot of good offseason moves with Favre basically being the icing on the cake, and Favre gives the team something they haven’t had in the last half-dozen years, i.e. a dependable quarterback that is dependable and capable of making big plays. However, let’s also keep in mind that last year was the only one of the last three years where Favre had a good season, and he also went from a team in Green Bay that had a very good offensive line and outstanding skill position players to the New York Jets, a team that has certainly been made to be above average in those areas as well in the off-season but definitely not one that is superior to Green Bay. It remains to be seen whether they’ll really challenge for a playoff spot this year – for all anyone knows, Favre could be over the hump and it’d be interesting to see what kind of discussion will arise if he DOESN’T have a good year. But this is definitely an exciting move for the Jets who have really been languishing offensively in recent years.

The emperor has no clothes. I think he’ll be ok, but he was becoming a joke before McCarthy turned him around last season. Just remember that Favre makes big plays for both teams.

I’m going to look into getting L. Coles on my fantasy team.

I don’t think it’s a no brainer by any stretch of the imagination… How do they know they’re getting Farve from last year and not two/three years ago? To some extent, don’t the Packers know what to look for out of Farve’s performance better than anyone else? Seems like there’s a bit of asymmetric information–in other words, they REALLY have to buy in the fact that Farve is being traded for strictly political reasons… It’s funny, I made a bet with a friend of mine last weekend on whether or not the Jets would finish last in the east (he’s a Bills fan if that says anything), but I had to gave him an out yesterday if the Jets got Farve. Looks like I’m a little poorer now. Oddly enough, I think the chances of the Jets finishing last in the east is higher with Farve based on the downside scenario where Brett Farve turns out to be a lemon and they trade Peninngton… One thing with Pennington/Clemmons–you kinda know what you’re getting as a team…

ops…read this wrong. Go Giants!

I am looking forward to many interceptions being returned for touchdowns as a result of this trade. go bills

Austin12 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m going to look into getting L. Coles on my > fantasy team. Love Coles but personally I think Cotchery will benefit the most from Favre’s presence.