NY nightlife

I’m in NY for a few nights. What’s a good spot I can go for a few drinks alone?

I like the Zinc Bar on 3rd between Thompson and Sullivan. However, I walked by Groove on 3rd and MacDougal and thought I should go there next time I’m in the area. Zinc is more Jazz and internationally similar music. Groove is more funk and blues.

Also Bathtub Gin is a fun speakeasy-style bar on 9th avenue between 18th and 19th streets. I believe they have a fun burlesque show on Tuesdays, and definitely on Sundays. It’s hard to find… you walk into a tiny coffee shop, they open up a false door, and you walk in to the speakeasy. Really feels like the 1920s.

There are many places, but those are some of the fun ones.

If you want to go dancing, there’s the Copacabana on 47th and 8th avenue, or the Iguana on 54 between 6th and 7th. Iguana is more of a large bar/restaurant with a dance area; Copacabana is a full nightclub.

If you just want a view of the city, you can go to The View at the top of the Marriot Marquis hotel in Times Square. It’s got a rotating restaurant that is a bit of a blast to the late 1970’s early 1980s, but the view really is marvelous. I don’t know if they have anything similar at the top of Liberty Tower. Before 2001, it was fun to take a date to Windows On the World for a drink and a view of everything. Rockefeller Center also had the Rainbow Room bar and restaurant, but I think they closed. The Beekman Hotel (near the UN) also had a nice art-deco rooftop restaurant. It closed as well, but might have reopened.

Which area of the city will you be staying in?

Come on bchad, step up and arrange to meet the fine bloke for a pint so he doesn’t have to drink alone.

Only if it’s a double date! :wink:

Second that. Love that place

There is a similar one adjacent to the Sex Museum in Flatiron.

I can tell you that Do Not Tell is highly overrated and you should not spend time there. The bar at La Esquina, on the other hand, is worth the visit, just for the hordes of attractive women from SoHo who frquent that location. Speakeasy places are getting kind of overdone in NY, but some still have redeeming qualities.

go to Spin fool and play some ping pong.

My favorite spots: Bars: d.b.a. Double Wide 124 Rabbit Lounges The Jimmy Boom Boom Room Soho Grande The Mondrian Live Music Bars/Lounges: Pianos Fat Cat Grungy Clubs: No Fun The DL Los Feliz $$$ Clubs: Lavo Marquee 1oak PhD No. 8 Provocateur Outdoor (probably too early except maybe the first): Standard beer garden Beer Garden at Eataly Frying Pan Romantic/Date: The otherroom Anza Speakeasy: Rose Bar (more loungy/hotel) Death & Co. Angel’s Share Raines Law Room Little Branch Employees Only

Thanks for the tip. Wife and I will be staying two nights at The Evelyn in three weeks. I’ll check it out. Anything else cool to do in NoMad, Flatiron?

That’s a lot of “favorite” spots.

As mentioned above The Spin is in the area (23rd and Lex) if you are into ping-pong.

In terms of food, visitors seem to like Eataly, but I would still recommend venturing into Chelsea or West Village for dinner.

There is a cool Belgium hot chocolate spot “La Burdick” on 20th between Broadway and 5th. Or if you want to combine chocolate with booze, try Ayza bar for chocolate martinis on 31st and 5 Ave.

Another popular speakeasy that wasn’t mentioned here is Dear Irving. It’s a walking distance from where you stay. Get reservations.

Overall Nomad is pretty small, so I wouldn’t recommend limiting yourself to it, even if staying only 2 nights…

Edit: Forgot to mention the Birch coffee house will be right on your block.

Thanks all! Just have two more nights here but will try and check some of these out. Come over once or twice a year so useful to know.

Figured I’d post here rather than starting a new thread… going to be up there in 2 weeks over Mother’s Day weekend with mom (obviously). Any ideas for decent dinner places on Friday/Saturday that won’t have a prix fixe menu given that it’s mothers day weekend, or is that not really a concern? The above is good for bars. We’re staying near Bryant Park.

I know you said no pre fixe, but I just discovered the $49 pre/post theater menu at Milos, which seems like a great deal.

(I think Le Bernadin still has superior food, but you’re not going to get a $50 three course meal there for sure.)


Edit: actually, I change my mind. If you just want fresh fish with simple preparation, Milos might be better, because they have a good selection of market fish imported from the Mediterranean. Le Bernadin is more of the Michelin type fancy preparation creative food (although I still find it less pretentious than Jean George, Per Se, or other comparable places).

That does seem like a good deal. I guess I’m not totally anti pre fixe, but I want it to not be a bad deal.

One of my favorite places to dine is uptown, an Argentine Steakhouse called Libertador (89nd and 2nd avenue).

Pretty much everything on the menu is awesome, but the baked empanadas are so amazing that it’s a shame to call them empanadas, because that might give people the wrong impression of how tasty they are. It’s moderately priced for fine dining, not exactly cheap, but hardly wallet-busting.

^ thanks for the suggestion! The menu looks great online and the prices look quite reasonable for NYC.