NY salaries vs London

We hosted a global conference here in London for bunch of my people. NY, HK, Lon, Syd, Sing all turned up. Hot NYC chick turns up, 24 wet, i’m chatting to her, getting flirty… got too dunk.

Anyway we’re talking base salaries + bonus. She’s like 4 levels below me in her career and 10yrs junior… doing some crappy ass tasks. But we’re basically in the same team just different sides of the pond.

She’s on an equiv of US$30k less than me… i’m dying here.

Anyway… my point is that people saying that ‘you should be on 300k min at VP’… yeah maybe your right but that NYC…and things are a bit diff in London. If it was still $2= £1… then yeah sure. But not at 1.3.

London has been below NY for a good 4-5 years now. The strongest banks now are US banks. The London centric ones, like DB, CS, Barclays, and so on, have the biggest scandal/regulatory/political costs and have squeezed their employees the most. Unfortunately, Brexit will not improve this situation, as London jobs move to other European cities and the UK’s economy and prestige subsequently deteriorate. Don’t forget that US bank employers must also compete with strong wage payers in other booming industries.

Isn’t 30k like half your comp?

This is complete nonsense, if she is a hot, 24 wet, in the same different sides of the pond, She probably generates more revenue and should be making way more than you… girl powa

She probably knows how to negotiate. You should immediately ask your employer for a $500k/yr base. If they refuse spit directly in their face and walk the f@ck out of there. You don’t want to associate with people like that.